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What Health Looks Like in 2021

09 Ways to Ensure Good Personal Health

What do you think of when you think of health? Maybe you think of eating nutrient-rich foods, staying hydrated, and supporting your physical health with things like exercise and yoga. Maybe you think of mental health, self-care, and giving your mind the space to decompress and relax. Or maybe you think of emotional health and wellbeing and making sure you get enough time to see friends and family.

Everyone’s definition of health looks different, but the truth is that health embodies all of these factors, and more! It involves supporting mental health, emotional health, and physical health, as well as feeling comfortable and confident in who you are! 

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have brought a lot of change and a lot of stress. Whether you’re dealing with isolation, anxiety, overwhelm, or simply trying to acclimate to change in your life, it’s vital to make your health a priority. So, what does health look like in 2021? Read on to learn the best ways to support your health this year.

Mental Health

In recent years, research surrounding mental and emotional health has increased significantly. We’ve learned more about how anxiety, stress, and neglect can take a toll on our minds and bodies, and why it’s vital to invest in your mental health. Taking care of your mental health determines your ability to handle stress, react to hard situations, and interact with those around us, so it’s essential to forming relationships and functioning on a day to day basis. 

Taking care of your mental health isn’t always easy. It requires time, effort, and the process looks different for everyone. Here are a few pictures of what mental health looks like in 2021 and how you can support your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Soothing Anxiety

It’s common to experience feelings of anxiety or overwhelm from work and stressful situations. Feelings of anxiety can even come from worry about the future or the safety of your family. Leaving anxiety unaddressed can wreak serious havoc on your overall health, and lead to physical symptoms as well. 

Medication for anxiety is a popular way to help manage and calm anxious feelings. Plus, you can get some without even leaving the house. Simply answer a few questions about your mental health, meet your mental health care provider, and enjoy medication, therapy, or both to help soothe your mind, support calmness, and teach you ways to manage anxiety. Plus, it’s an affordable way to get the mental health support you need to thrive.

Supporting Sleep and Calm

Sleep is a vital function that supports both mental and physical health, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, it may take a toll on your wellbeing. Kroma offers a range of elixirs, lattes, broths and superfood snacks that support health, but their teas are especially great for promoting better sleep and calm throughout the mind and body. 

For a lifestyle reset, a better night’s sleep, or just a snack that will give you the nutrients, vitamins, and energy to get through the day, these are a great way to take care of your health. 

Another way to support better sleep is to look for blue-light blocking glasses! Prescription goggle glasses offer 100% UV free lenses with blue-light blocking technology that can help protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light and improve your circadian rhythm!

Make Time for Self-Care 

Self-care is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety, stress, loneliness, and promote overall mental health and happiness. And there are a range of other benefits as well. So, how can you engage in self-care? Here are a few ideas:

  • Invest in your skincare routine! One Ocean Beauty offers skincare products for the face and body that will keep your skin hydrated, smooth, nourished, and help promote a sense of calm throughout the body. Plus, feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, so taking care of your skin can also help you feel more comfortable and confident. 
  • Establish a morning routine and an evening routine. Routines are an excellent way to wake up in the morning and get your day on the right foot, and wind down at night so you can prepare for bed. Plus, they’re relaxing and a fun way to destress. Take a bath, listen to relaxing music, and sip your favorite tea or coffee! Simply fill your routines with all the relaxing activities you enjoy.
  • Self care can also include activities you enjoy, taking walks, spending time outside, calling a loved one, reading a book, journaling, drinking water, eating healthy foods, and much more. 

Confidence is Key

Self-confidence is another important aspect of mental health. When you look good, you feel good. If you’re considering physical alterations to your body to improve your appearance and address your specific physical concerns, consider BBL in Miami. The sunny state of Florida has doctors that specialize in gluteoplasty, so you can lift the buttocks and rock the beaches with confidence. 

Physical Health

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “health” is probably physical health. Maybe you think of what you eat and drink, or how often you exercise, or maybe you think of the vitamins and supplements you take. Here are a few ways to prioritize your physical health. 


Exercise benefits almost every aspect of health. It promotes muscle strength, the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, supports heart health, improves mood, increases energy, and so much more. It’s vital to overall health. However, knowing when to exercise, what to do, and where to do it can be a challenge. Plus, exercising alone can feel isolating and boring. 

Group fitness is a great way to exercise. It offers a community where you can be encouraged, celebrate your goals and progress, and workout with others who are just as passionate as you are. This gym offers heart-rate based HIIT workouts that you can do in groups, so you’re not alone while you exercise. With locations all over the world, there’s a location for you! 


Getting the nutrients your body needs is also a vital way to promote physical health. While eating a balanced diet with a range of fruits, vegetables, and proteins is ideal for taking care of your body, it’s not always accessible. Whether you’re eating on the go or aren’t able to prepare your own meals, it can be difficult to get the nutrients you need every day from food alone. 

Vitamins are a great way to supplement this and make sure you get all the nutrients you need to thrive. With a variety of vitamins to choose from based on your life and needs, you can choose exactly what your daily essentials are to get the Vitamin D, Omega-3 DHA, Folate, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Boron, Iron, Vitamin E, Biotin, Choline, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C that your body needs. 

Pain Relief and Calm

If you experience chronic or acute pain, you may find it more difficult to exercise and function on a daily basis. Plus, pain isn’t fun for anyone to manage or deal with. Hempvana offers the pain relief you need with 4% lidocaine that works to numb irritated nerves and address pain at the source. 

Health Personalized to Fit Your Needs

Health looks different for everyone, but no matter what your needs are, now is the time to make your health a priority. These tips and tricks can help you take the steps you need to transform your health and start feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

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