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What is Dysthymia and is it Serious?

Most people know what major depression is. It’s a common mental problem and it torments people all over the globe. However, you might not be aware of dysthymia. Another mood disorder that’s just as insidious as depression.

Dysthymia, also known as persistent depressive disorder, is a mental disorder that mainly affects a person’s mood. It’s quite similar to major depression, but it’s not as severe.

However, just because it’s not severe that doesn’t mean it’s not serious. All mood disorders are serious and you should treat them properly.

What are the main causes of dysthymia?

Mental health professionals can’t pinpoint the exact cause of dysthymia. Generally, they believe that it’s caused by a chemical disbalance in the brain. Other factors such as past experiences and major trauma can also be the root cause.

The environment in which a person grows can play a major role. Additionally, dysthymia seems to be genetic, but there isn’t any research to prove that statement.

Dysthymia is quite different since it’s mostly present among women. Men aren’t common patients for dysthymia, but there are cases. Half of all dysthymia patients will encounter a major depressive state at least once in their lives.

What are the symptoms that you get from dysthymia?

Just like depression, dysthymia shares most of its symptoms. However, it’s not as severe. Also, each patient’s symptoms may vary. Some of them have a few whiles some have them all. Here are their symptoms.

  • Sleeping problems
  • Low energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Eating less or overeating
  • Feeling empty
  • Fatigue
  • Desperate

If you’re experiencing most of these symptoms, then you should get checked immediately. Plus, there are online resources if you want a heads up before you get an appointment. For mood disorders and online appointments, then you should check out Pacific Psych Centers. They’re one of the best resources online. Also, you can schedule an online appointment with one of their doctors. They feature a lot of different information; you should definitely check them out.

What should you do in order to cope with dysthymia?

Regardless of whether or not you’re diagnosed, you should do something about it. Helping yourself is key to overcoming this disorder. Dysthymia is long-lasting, but it’s not permanent. There are ways in which you can deal with the symptoms yourself.

These are easy to do and you can start doing them immediately. Even simple adjustments in one’s lifestyle might have a huge difference. We highly suggest doing the things listed below.

  • Research More. The more you know about dysthymia, then the better you can deal with it. You can consult with a doctor or read online resources to learn more about your condition.
  • Get Some Sleep. It may be hard for some, but sleep is very important. Lowering your stress levels will come a long way. It’s best to start by maintaining a proper sleep schedule rather than sleeping anytime.
  • Socialize With People. One of the best ways of coping with dysthymia is by socializing. Start with your family, then you talk to your friends. Moral support is a very strong factor, especially if you’re dealing with a mood disorder.
  • Exercise And Eat a Balanced Diet. Dysthymia is a mood disorder that can lower your self-esteem. If you exercise right and eat a well-balanced diet, then you can make yourself look better. The better you look, then the better you feel. Also, your physical state will be healthier and not just your mental state.
  • Get Medical Help. If all else fails, then you should go to a medical professional. With proper medication and therapy. You won’t be dealing with dysthymia for long.

In Conclusion

Dysthymia isn’t as intense and deadly as major depression, but that doesn’t mean you can just sleep on it. Any mood disorder that people encounter should be treated immediately. No one should suffer even the mildest of these symptoms. Remember that time is a factor, so if you or a loved one is currently showing the symptoms mentioned above, then don’t hesitate to get help.

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