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What Is Exercise With Oxygen Therapy?

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Working hard in the gym but still feel like you aren’t getting the full benefits of exercise? Why not try oxygen therapy.

This technique, beloved by biohackers around the world, can boost your fitness levels and your overall health.

This guide will explain what oxygen therapy is, how to use it as part of your fitness journey, and how it can help you transform your body and mind.

How Modern Life Is Depleting Us of Oxygen

Oxygen is essential to good health, but modern lifestyles leave us chronically depleted of the oxygen our bodies need.

Polluted cities, stress, shallow breathing habits, and toxins in the environment are all harming our oxygen intake.

Even if you have a first-class fitness regime, this lack of oxygen can leave you feeling exhausted.

You might find you lack focus throughout the day, that your immune system isn’t as good as it should be, and you are finding inflammation in your body as you age.

What Is Oxygen Therapy? 

Exercising with oxygen therapy is a relatively new concept, using state-of-the-art technology to increase oxygen flow into the body during an exercise session.

You place an EWOT oxygen mask over the mouth and nose during exercising. You begin a workout, working out at a moderate or high-intensity level.

Initially, you reduce your oxygen saturation levels into the body, typically for the first five minutes. That forces the body to create more red blood cells to optimize the available oxygen.

After that, you flood your body with oxygen from the mask. That gives your lungs full saturation of oxygen while you are working out in this peak state.

Oxygen as Part of Your Fitness Journey 

Using oxygen therapy allows your body to adapt to oxygen during a workout much faster than it usually would.

As oxygen is transported around your blood, your muscles and your brain are getting a boost in oxygen that will maximize your workout effort.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

There are physical and mental benefits to using oxygen therapy. These benefits extend beyond your overall fitness. Here are some of the main ones.

Reduced Inflammation

Even with regular exercise, we are susceptible to inflammation as we age. Oxygen therapy can help get oxygen to areas of the body suffering from inflammation and help bring those levels of inflammation down.

Improves Circulation

Oxygen therapy is a great way to boost your blood circulation. The benefits outlast your exercise, and your blood circulation will continue to improve after you have used oxygen therapy.

Better Mental Clarity

Getting more oxygen to your brain will help you to stay more focused and reduce mental fog, so it’s a good option for your overall mental wellness.

Biohack Your Way to Better Fitness

When you have worked so hard on your fitness journey, it can be frustrating to reach a plateau. Oxygen therapy might be just the boost your body needs to help your fitness to reach that next level.

Do you have a fitness buddy who’d benefit from trying oxygen therapy? Share this article with them to let them know how it might help their workouts.

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