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What Is Shatter Weed, And Where Can You Buy It In Canada?

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The weed market has been evolving for quite some time now. From oils, pills to vapes, there is quite a variety of weed products and concentrates in the market for users to consume. However, only a few weed products offer the quality and concentration of compounds that shatter weed can offer. Often available in the market like an amber-glass-like substance, shatter weed can offer a very high concentration of potent compounds that offer immediate effects. So, if you are a weed enthusiast living in Canada, you must explore a product like a shatter weed. Interested people can get Kush, a high concentrate of cannabis or shatter in Canada, by doing a little research and exploration.

What is shatter weed?

Shatter is a cannabis extract that is known for its glass-like texture and breakability. When snapped into pieces, shatter weed tends to break or shatter like glass, therefore the name. Appearance-wise, shatter weed is primarily translucent with color that varies from bright yellow to dark amber-like. As far as the texture of shatter weed is concerned, typically, all strains have a similar consistency, but their texture may vary from brittle compound to a taffy-like or pull quality. This inconsistency in texture is often associated with the concentration of cannabinoids in individual products and the formulas and products used by each manufacturer.

Shatter is essentially an extract or a cannabis concentrate made by using a combination of products like cannabis plant matter and solvents in a highly skilled manner. The materials extracted from the plant, solvents such as CO2 or butane, are mixed and processed in a high-pressure chamber. The result is a strong substance, typically translucent with high concentrations of THC as compared to other traditional cannabis.

While most manufacturers produce shatter with a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), many manufacturers also manufacture a variety of shatter high in CBD (cannabidiol) and low on THC. This type of shatter is produced keeping in mind customers that use CBD for its potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

How does it work?

Shatter is a relatively new cannabis product in the segment. The brittle, glass-like cannabis extract produced using a combination of cannabis plant materials, and solvents are very popular among dabbing enthusiasts. While shatter is typically known for its high levels of THC, it comes with a higher concentration of CBD too. Therefore, people can use it for its potential medicinal, therapeutic and recreational properties. Shatter can be dabbed using a dab pen, a dab rig, a water pipe for dabbing, etc. A person must expose the product to intense heat to vaporize the material.

Since smoking shatter does not involve inhaling combustible material but inhaling vapors, the effect generated is often considered cleaner and more consistent than other consumption methods. As far as its working is concerned, after inhaling the vapors, the compound interacts with the various receptors located throughout our body to produce the potential effects and medical benefits that are being researched globally. With a high concentration of THC or CBD, shatter can lead to an intense impact incredibly quickly. Therefore it is essential to inhale carefully and control the amount of material being used. Additionally, consuming unheated shatter or eating it is unlikely to cause any desirable or potent effect.

Properties of shatter weed and things to keep in mind?

High concentration of THC/CBD depending on variety:

The extraction and production process of shatter weed is so thorough and high-quality that the concentrate obtained in the form of a glass-like substance has high concentrates of THC/CBD. This concentration of potent compound can be as high as 80%, which is rarely seen in any other cannabis product in the market.

Immediate effect:

Unlike most other cannabis products that are orally consumed like oil, gummies, pills, etc., dabbing or inhaling in vapor forms leads to immediate impact. When you expose shatter to heat and inhale its vapors, it takes lesser time to reach the bloodstream and interact with various receptors throughout the body to offer the desired effect. Thus, compared to other cannabis products, shatter provides an immediate effect, and due to the higher concentration of cannabis, the effect can be powerful and potent. Therefore you must practice caution when consuming shatter.

Potential medicinal benefits:

There is quite a buzz surrounding the use of shatter for its potential medicinal and therapeutic properties. This has lead to a series of studies and research analyzing and measuring the impact of the product. Even though the research around shatter weed is preliminary, it has shown promise in dealing with health conditions like anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasticity, and pain associated with wounds, Arthritis, or any other injury.


Shatter weed’s texture may vary from brittle compound to a taffy-like or pull quality, depending on the concentration of cannabis. Similarly, proper storage can have a vital role in maintaining the quality and texture of shatter. Therefore it is crucial that you keep it clean and away from impurities, oils, moisture, or bacteria. In addition, if kept at room temperature or exposed to heat, shatter will begin to soften, lose its consistency, flavor, and potency. Therefore it is essential to store it in a cool, airtight, lightproof container.

Where can you buy shatter weed in Canada?

Due to the ever-increasing demand for shatter across Canada, the high-quality product is manufactured and sold at many places throughout the country. Shatter weed users can explore high-quality and lab-approved products on the websites of reliable vendors and buy directly from them. Most of the vendors provide all product-related information on their website, along with various lab reports supporting the quality of the product. Therefore when buying shatter online, you can be assured of the quality of the product too. Just explore the website of a reliable manufacturer, and you are set.

A final word.

Shatter weed is a relatively new addition to the cannabis segment, yet its power and potential cannot be undermined. With promising pieces of evidence emerging from various lab tests, shatter weed is a product that has a vital role to play due to its potential medicinal and therapeutic properties.

However, shatter weed users, especially beginners, must exercise complete caution and care while storing and using it. Since shatter is a highly concentrated and potent product, there can be risks associated with unregulated and unwarranted shatter weed use. Therefore people must be extremely careful before trying unverified or untested shatter.

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