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What to Print on California Label Cannabis?

What to Print on California Label Cannabis?

What to print on marijuana labels is a question that many entrepreneurs face when they start selling medical marijuana to the public. The answer is not very difficult. However, you need to have some information before you sell so you won’t be wasting time, effort, and money.

You should be responsible for the information that you’ll include on marijuana labeling because your clients are relying upon you for the accuracy of the things you are going to put there. So we invite you to read further as we’ll provide more insight on what to print on California label cannabis in today’s post.

Compliance Is a Must

Proper labeling of cannabis products for retail sale must be in compliance with the state laws of California regarding legalized marijuana. Whether it is intended for medical or recreational use, this is a must.

Though most of the information you need is already indicated in the state regulations, we have gathered all the necessary compliance statutes that you need to follow in order to sell marijuana to your physical or online storefront:

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging – Most of us already know that cannabis products are not to be sold and should be kept away from minors at all times. This is a top priority. And that’s why California state laws require retailers to use child-resistant packaging with their marijuana goods to prevent easy access to kids and teens if in case they come across these products in their homes.

It’s critical for marijuana dispensaries to make use of certified child-resistant packages or face harsh penalties. As for edible cannabis products with multiple dosages in one packaging, the law requires these items to be placed inside a child-proof re-sealable packaging to prevent minors from accessing the contents and ensure the product stays fresh and is free from contamination.

Dispensary Exit Bags – According to state laws, the customer must leave the establishment with opaque dispensary exit bags which can be charged to the consumer, depending on the retailer. Mylar bags can also be used by dispensaries if they want to take extra precautions.

Labels Must Not Be Appealing To Children – The packaging and labeling that are inviting to children as well as selling cannabis products that look like candy are strictly prohibited. Also, placing cartoon images, playful fonts, and images are not allowed.

Labeling Details – The labels of cannabis products must have the following:

– The text used for the name of the product or identification number must be prominent in size.

– The term “CANNABIS-INFUSED” must appear on top for infused products and it should be written in bold letters.

– It should include the THC symbol.

– It should show the net weight or volume.

– The THC and CBD must be indicated in milligrams (mg).

– It should also include the name of the licensed manufacturer, contact details, date of packaging, the government warning printed in bold letters.

– The ingredients of the product in complete details.

– “FOR MEDICAL USE ONLY” statement for medical cannabis labels.

– Specific instructions, best-by-date, unique identifier code or batch number.

On the other hand, the labeling for edible cannabis products must include the following:

– List of ingredients in complete details.

– If there’s a known allergen in the ingredients, it should have the word “CONTAINS” printed in bold.

– List of artificial food colorings.

– Amount of sugar, sodium, total fats, and carbohydrates per serving (in grams).

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