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When to Consider Cosmetic Foot Surgery

When to Consider Cosmetic Foot Surgery

If you have been wondering if you should get surgery on your foot, you are not alone. There are many people who get cosmetic surgery on their feet because they are unhappy with how they look. However, you may wonder whether you even can get cosmetic surgery. Here are some situations in which you can get cosmetic foot surgery.

Long and Short Toes

Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery involves many clients that come in for many different reasons. Two of the most common reasons are the long toes and the short toes. Say your middle toe is significantly longer than your other toes. If that was the case, you would have surgery to get it shortened. With a toe that is shorter than the other toes, you would ask for the reverse and get it lengthened.

Straighten it Out

Hammertoe can be a big issue, as it means that one of your toes is bent at the middle joint. Even though it can be corrected initially, if you have gotten to the point that it needs surgery, you can no longer correct it on your own. What corrective surgery does is straighten your hammertoe out so it can function normally again.

Bumps Galore

There are a variety of bumps that can pop up all over your feet. The major bumps include

  • Bunions (a bony bump at the base of your big toe)
  • Bunionettes (similar to a bunion, but it affects your baby toe)
  • Bone spurs (a new bone created in a damaged area of the foot)
  • Bumps at the back of the heel (normally where your Achilles tendon attaches to your heel)

These can be tricky. Depending on how bad they are, your surgeon may recommend lifestyle changes first, such as changing your shoes or taking medications. However, if they are bad enough, your surgeon may be booking an operating room appointment.

Remove It

Removal surgery is usually performed on a client that has an ingrown toenail, a callus or a corn. An ingrown toenail occurs when the corner or side of your toe grows into the soft flesh of your foot. A corn or callus is a hard bump on the side, top or bottom of your toes or foot. Corns are smaller and more localized while calluses are larger and more spread out.

Changed Your Mind?

If you have changed your mind about getting actual surgery, there are other things that can be done for you. One of the popular options is custom sole designs. This way, you can have shoes that will give your feet the support and healing that you need rather than causing your feet further stress.

Corrective foot surgery is not for everyone. However, if one of these scenarios fits your situation and you have not changed your mind about getting surgery, go ahead and book a consultation with your local cosmetic surgeon and get the money together for the surgery so you can be on your way to being comfortable in your own shoes again.

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