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When was the First casino invented? 

According to archaeological findings, gambling dates back to antiquity, many years before the birth of Christ.  In the early 6th century BC, the ancient Roman kingdom had a public Circus where people gathered to place bets and play crabs.  This activity continued in many other cities until the first real casino was opened in Venice in 1638. The name of this casino was II Ridotto – visit this phone casino mobile today.

The world casino was derived from the Latin word “casa” which is translated to mean “a small house.”  This was because back in those days, before the first legitimate casino was opened in Venice, gambling events were only organized in private houses. 

Ancient Casino Events

In those days, gambling events used to have side attractions like music and dancing alongside food and drinks. Only wealthy people with fat bags of money were allowed into the casinos. There were also dress codes and strict rules on behavior and things you can order while in the casino hall. 

II Ridotto was a huge asset to the government and inhabitants of Venice. It paid huge taxes to the state and provided jobs, but the church frowned at it. The church was critical of the behaviors surrounding the gambling activities of the casino, and due to the high influence that the church had over the state, the government closed down the casino. 

Casino’s Made a Comeback!

The preached vehemently against gambling, but they couldn’t win this war. Gambling business is lucrative business that the capitalists of those days couldn’t let go, so they found another fertile ground- France.

Cardinal Mazarin needed to boost his state’s treasury with taxes from the gambling industry, so he welcomed the idea of a new casino with open arms. This new casino came with the first-ever roulette game.  The roulette game was innovative and never-seen-before. It attracted many people to the casino, and despite the kickback from the church, the gambling industry continued to grow strong. 

Spreading to Other Parts of the World

In the beginning, casinos only operated in European countries. In the 19th century, casinos became so popular that almost every influential person in the society had to visit a casino at least once in a while. The interiors were so luxurious that casinos became not only a place to bet and make money, but also a place to discuss important political issues. 

Despite its widespread popularity among the elite. Many casinos in Europe, except the Monte Carlo, had to close down towards the end of the 19th century due to the amendment of the gambling laws.  These casino companies started to look elsewhere to establish their business.  Things soon took shape in Monaco, and from there, the industry gained a productive ground in the United States. Many years later, Las Vegas became the gamling headquarters of the world. 


The gambling industry has been around since antiquity. The first casino was invented in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Ever since then, despite the various challenges it has faced from religious and government organizations, the gambling industry has grown stronger and become formidable.

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