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Why choose stainless steel dental instruments?

stainless steel dental instruments

Dentists provide oral care and guidance to children and adults. This includes buying high quality dental surgical instruments for reliability and durability. Stainless steel alloys have been the number one priority of the suppliers. Among other benefits, is is strong, corrosion resistant and have easy maintenance requirements. Stainless steel also holds up to sterilization and are reliable and durable.

Material used in the manufacturing of Dental surgical instruments:

Stainless steel:

It is a ferrous alloy that contains 11% chromium. Just as the name indicates, the metal does not rust, stain, or corrode. It also contains traces of Nickle.

Tungsten Carbide:

Tungsten Carbide is considered to be one of the strongest metals in the world. It is also resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear. Tungsten Carbide inserts are added to enhance the performance and longevity.


Titanium is a refractory metal, which basically means it has a high melting point, is resistant to corrosion and deformation. It is lustrous, strong, and light in weight, making it half the weight of stainless steel. The metal is alloyed with 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium and 60% in density.

Properties needed in dental instruments

Oral surgery instruments have specific features that enhance their quality and added ergonomic comfort. The manufacturers come up with innovative and progressive dental products that make it easy for the practitioners during operations.

Let us discuss about some of the key properties below.


It is important that the instruments are durable and have a longer time span.

Corrosion resistance:

Since the steel can be exposed to a harsh environment, it is resistant to corrosion. Instruments that have been affected by corrosion are highly unsafe to be used on patients. A corrosion-resistant tool lasts longer and is cost saving.

Minimal Maintenance:

The orthodontic instruments are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Simple maintenance procedures ensure that your tools are working safely and efficiently.

Strength-to-weight ratio:

The instruments should have the advantage of an elevated strength-to-weight ratio. Stainless steel has a unique ability to fight corrosion, heat and chemical damage.

Easy sterilization and maintenance:

Like copper, stainless steel does not have any inherent microbial property. However, with an easy sanitization process, the surface can be disinfected. Dental instruments now come with an extra coating of micelles applied to the metal during manufacturing. This coating ensures extra bacterial resistance.

Anti-Galling, edge retention, and wear resistance

Edge retention is an essential factor when it comes to cutting and shaping dental instruments. If the edge becomes prematurely dull, the instrument becomes difficult and possibly dangerous to handle. As a robust metal, stainless steel retains its sharp edge once the instruments are sharpened. The above-mentioned properties are crucial for instruments like Anglevators and luxators, that help in painless extraction and other complicated dental procedures.

Types of stainless steel used for making dental instruments:

There are two types of stainless steel used in making dental instruments:

Martensitic stainless steel: is low carbon that can be tempered and hardened through many ways of aging and heat treatment. Orthodontic tools such as extraction forceps, scissors, working ends of scalers, dental elevators and many more, are usually made using 410-420 grade of this stainless steel.

Austenitic:  is a stainless steel that does not harden with heat. Usually, the manufacturer uses 304 grade of Austenitic steel for the production of instruments. Ideal for malleable instruments, they can be formed or pressed into different shapes without breaking. The surgical tools made with these steel series are probes, cannulas, retractors, mallets, and spreaders.

Why choose us?

GerDentUSA Inc. has been in the business long enough to provide the best quality stainless steel instruments globally. Highly recommended by dental and oral healthcare professionals, our instruments are made of German stainless steel and have a much longer shelf life. You may purchase them in sets or single pieces since both come with an affordable price tag.


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