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6 Tools to Stay Safe and Healthy 

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With the pandemic still heavily influencing our lives, the need to increase safety is dire. To effectively introduce health measures, the right tools and strategies are needed to facilitate changes. Although safety protocols are in effect, there are additional ways technology and human intervention can safeguard health. This article introduces six tools to stay safe and healthy during these times.

1. Modern Multifunctional Tools 

The effect of the pandemic has society very aware of the germs and bacteria that reside on surfaces we come in contact with daily. Although gloves can help reduce exposure, many people want additional ways to protect their wellness. 

Tools like a multifunctional door opener tool are being used to create assistance with daily navigation of opening and closing doors and coming into contact with other surfaces. Many of these tools also serve as bottle openers and hex bit drivers to provide the user with additional assistance. The inclusion of natural materials like brass also minimizes exposure to germs and bacteria, as many of these tools are manufactured with antimicrobial properties. 

2. Capacity Management Tools

Social distancing makes it easier to prioritize workplace wellness and ensure that people will stay safe while sharing public spaces. Many companies are introducing policies to secure social distancing further using careful capacity management methods. 

These tools work to reduce the chances of office overcrowding and the health consequences of these exposures. Teams can keep track of their day-to-day populations and monitor occupancy information to keep their teams safe and healthy. 

3. Touchless Sign-in Tools

Although reducing the spread of germs and bacteria on shared surface at work can be done by using disinfectants, an easier approach to minimizing exposure is to use hands-free tools for signing into work.

By including touchless sign-in tools for employers and others associated with the workplace, people no longer need to touch shared surfaces to sign in. There are many different options for touchless sign-in tools, including manual sign-ins with cleaned pens, mobile apps, or QR code sign-ins. 


4. Workplace Communication Platform

One of the most effective ways to reduce exposure of germs and bacteria is to stay home. Naturally, many workplaces have shifted almost if not entirely over to remote work. Therefore, safety and workplace productivity tools like workplace platforms allow for communication, task management, and the general flow of business to take place virtually.

Just as digitalization in healthcare has improved accuracy and reduction of error among staff, different tools are available for download to conduct work effectively while eliminating health risks. 

5. Temperature Scanning Requirements

Using a temperature body scanning device, you can read the temperature of anyone coming into the office. By intervening this way, teams can ensure that the only individuals entering the shared workspace are healthy. 

You can also find specialized temperature detection systems that are incorporated into employee and visitor system management tools if you’re looking for an all-in-one kind of approach. 

6. Desking Booking Tools

Also known as ‘hot desking,’ desk booking tools make it easy to maintain social distancing at work. Booking arrangements allow employees to book desks ahead of time and to ensure that desks remain six feet apart. Many businesses are limiting who can come into the office itself, which makes hot desking an additional way to manage the spread of germs and activity on-site. 

The Bottom Line

Incorporating different safety and health tools for work and home life make it possible to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. As we all continue to navigate the pandemic, consider the above tools as you create a safe and more conducive work and home environment. 

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