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How to Make Your Favorite Coffee Drinks at Home

If you drink coffee, you more than likely have your favorite brews and concoctions that you can’t get enough of. Maybe you used to go out often for coffee with friends or grab your favorite coffee drink on your way to work. Now, you work from home and go out less often, and you can still enjoy your favorite caffeine kick in the comfort of your home. Here’s how:

Order flavored pods

If you enjoy your sweet caramel coffees from a popular coffee chain or like unique lavender concoctions from a local coffee joint, you may want to order some flavored coffee pods. An easy way to pick and choose your favorite flavors, you can always try your preferred flavors while at home without worrying about rushing to your local coffee shop. Top-quality flavored pods make it easy for you to sip on your favorite brews while at home.

Get fancy with espresso machines

You can shop around online for an espresso machine that allows you to make the perfect shot of espresso every morning, just like the ones you’d get at a coffee shop. There are larger espresso machines that you would find in any coffee shop in Italy, but those may be a bit too large for your counter space.

Instead, you can use a Mocha pot that brews on your stovetop for a delectable cup of espresso or use a pod machine designed for quick coffee every morning.

Don’t forget a milk frother

If you love the lavender lattes or green matcha tea at your local favorite, or you enjoy a cappuccino to start your day, there’s something you don’t want to miss out on buying.  A milk frother is one way to get that fluffy substance on the top of your coffee and enjoy your favorite drinks at home. While you could try to froth the milk yourself, a milk frother will make it that much easier for you.

Invest in quality mugs

For a fun experience that makes you feel classy and posh, having a collection of top coffee mugs will allow you to have that coffee shop experience without the price tag attached.

Whether you travel often and collect along the way or purchase cool designs at your local coffee shops, make your coffee setup feel like the real thing at home. If you like to have coffee on the go, ramblers from Yeti can also be a great addition to your collection.

Learn milk art

You don’t have to do this, but it sure can make your drinks at home feel like the real thing. Those cute little hearts and fun art in your coffee drinks at the coffee shop can be done at home, but you’ll have to practice.

The more you do it, the easier it will be for you to create milk art that would make the most experienced barista jealous. Whether you live alone or with your spouse, milk art can make your morning coffee routine a little bit more exciting for you.

In Conclusion

Just because you may be spending more time at home since the pandemic started doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite drinks, whether that’s coffee with protein or a sweet latte. With these machines and tips, drinking top-notch coffee is possible, and fun cappuccinos or lattes can still be a part of your morning routine.

From the flavors you love to the art on top of your brew, there are plenty of ways to practice being a barista for yourself without having to drive to your local coffee joint to get your morning routine started.

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