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Just Married! It’s Time For You To Enjoy The Thrill Of Honeymoon!

Just Married! It’s Time For You To Enjoy The Thrill Of Honeymoon!

Congratulations on your wedding! We are so happy for you. After all, you have found your soulmate and taken your relationship to the next (and probably the last) level. A.K.A., now you both are announced as “Husband and Wife!” So, tell us how it feels? You can finally call them “Yours.”

We are sure you have already played the rewind button at least a million times in your mind and relived the moment when your partner said, “I DO!” Correct? No matter how many times you think about it, you still can’t believe it! But do you know what? It is the truth; you are no longer single.

Now, it is time for you to come out of your little bubble of thoughts and start thinking about the future. Oh No! Not about pregnancy and the names of kids. Not so soon! What we mean is to start thinking about the immediate future, i.e., your honeymoon. Or you can also say your first trip together after getting married.

Because you both will go in front of the world as a newly wedded couple, it needs to be unique in every way for both of you. Forget about all the vacations that you have done till now. It’s your honeymoon, and it is going to be outstanding. We will make sure of that. We’ve written down all the things that you can do to enjoy the thrill of the honeymoon.

Excited to know more? We see you are nodding your head and smiling. So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

Get! Set! And Pack!

Romantic and exotic destinations

First of all, you need to select a destination for this super cozy vacation. It’s obvious that you don’t want to spend your honeymoon at home (though it isn’t a bad option, but not this time, maybe on a second honeymoon). This time you need to decide on a place where you both want to go, it can be the city of love, Paris, or it can be the paradise of the earth; Switzerland. It can be any place but make sure that it’s a romantic and exotic place and both of you want to go there.

Besides that, it’ll be better if you decide on a place that you might never get to explore again, it’ll be perfect for both of you.

Understand your partner’s need

Are you both outgoing and like to explore new things and places? Or are you both one of those who want to stay just in one place and don’t like to do many adventures? Whatever type of couple you are, it is a perfect opportunity for you to go all out and understand what you and your partner like to do the most. It’ll help in adding a spark to your relationship. So, don’t hesitate to open your heart and pockets for this vacation.

Understand each other’s needs and requirements and take steps to create your little world filled with romance and thrill.

Don’t forget about honeymoon essentials

Before you go on the honeymoon, list out everything, you both need. Generally, it includes clothes, shoes/sandals, pretty lingerie, first aid kit, makeup, sunglasses, sunscreen, headphones, essential oils/scented candles, a digital copy of your documents, passport, and anything else that you find necessary.

Pack every nicely. Although try to avoid packing things that you can purchase after reaching your location.


Don’t forget about booking the hotel room or vacation house where you both will be staying and having an unforgettable euphoric time!

Plan something surprising for your spouse

That was all for the planning part! Once you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is check in to the hotel that you booked and relax and enjoy all the time. In fact, if you are a male reading this article, you can also plan a surprise for your wife. Want to know how?

Well, take the help of room service and request them to decorate the room with roses, candles, and chocolates. Organize a little dinner date in the room and end this date by showing her how much you love her. In fact, you can learn more here about how you can make her feel even more special. Believe us, your little effort to make her feel relaxed and will definitely steal her heart. So, be ready to steal it!

Capture all the insta-worthy moments

Everybody knows that a honeymoon is a great time to spend some quality time with your partner. However, did you know that it is also a great time to fill your insta feed with beautiful and aesthetic photographs? After all, as Ed Sheeran has said, “We keep this love in a photograph!”

So go all lovey-dovey and capture those moments. Moreover, don’t hesitate to try out every romantic pose (even if it’s cringe) because you won’t get the chance again soon. Hold hands, watch the sunset, walk on the beach in the middle of the night, share your ice cream, go on a bike ride, etc. In simple words, do whatever you want to do, capture those moments and if you’d like it, post it on social media.

No need to rush

Lastly, no need to rush! It’s your honeymoon, and you need to make the best out of this trip. Don’t plan it for a week or a few days. Use this time to be together, understand each other, learn what you both like and don’t like. It is your time, and you have to use it to create an unbreakable bond. Just be who you are, try out everything, go Bungee jumping even if you are afraid, go shopping, explore different dishes and take a rest. Forget about all the worries, and be with your lover, as you promised!

To sum it all up!

Now that you are married, you’ll witness a huge change in your life. It’ll be more beautiful, pleasant, and filled with eternal love. Of course, there will be responsibilities too! But before you get started with them, enjoy this phase of your life because you’ll miss it a lot!

So, enjoy your happy married life!

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